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Hello World!

by Luis Puerto Sr. Posted in first-things

On December 5 2019, at 22.00, our son, Luis Puerto Díaz, was born at the North Karelia Hospital, in Joensuu, Finland :finland:. He was 3.8kg and 51cm long, which probably means that is going to be a big boy. He and his mother are well, but labor had consequences for Olalla and she had to undergo surgery right after it.

Luckily, everything is OK and everyone is at home now. We are enjoying these first days of family life that if you are a parent you know how hard, but exciting, they are. Olalla is enjoying her motherhood, but due to the complications and the surgery, she is going to have a longer recovery than usually. However, I’m really eager to help and support her in whatever she need.

We hope to write soon a little bit more and sharing more adventures of the three of us. Yes, now we are three now and probably we are going to be for the at least the next 18 years.

See you soon.

Luis Puerto Sr.

Father of the owner of the site. Born in Ponferrada, Spain. A Forest Engineer interested in Science and Technology. Fascinated about almost everything