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First Walk

by Luis Puerto Sr. Posted in first-things

The other day we took our first walk as a family on the snow. It wasn’t incredible cold —for Finnish standards, of course— and although short, it was good. Junior was sleeping most of the time. In the beginning he was quiet but awake on the pram, then he felt asleep as most babies and toddlers —or even some adults like his mom do.

I think we just have a half an hour stroll around our home and through the forest path that goes towards the city center. I’m sure in the close future, we’ll begin to adventure further and further, and we are looking forward to do so and explore the World together. First the closer parts, then the whole World, and finally —why not— the Universe.

It’s pretty incredible how difficult is to get out of home these days. You can get easily trapped by the baby-machine schedule and end up leaving a couple of hours later than you wanted. I don’t mean planned because make any plan these days it’s pretty impossible, but sometimes we want to leave earlier and end up being late.

We know that it’s just the first months —usually the first three or four— until the baby is able to get a routine, so you are able to predict what is going to happen and even shape that routine to your needs.

Luis Puerto Sr.

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