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Luis Puerto Díaz was born on December 5 on 2019 and we —his parents— create this blog to share with you, and specially with our son, the adventure of parenting from almost the very beginning.

Luis Puerto Díaz is the fourth Luis in the family, after both of his grandfathers and his father. Is the third Luis Puerto, after one of his grandfather and father. But, he is a unique Luis Puerto Díaz.

The two main contributors to the blog are going to be his parents, Olalla Diaz Yañez and Luis Puerto, but the contributions are probably going to be open in the future to almost everyone that want to share their thoughts with him and with the rest of the world.

We are still working on how to share pictures —the most demanding thing that people ask you to share— with all of you in a safe way. But these days, to be honest, it’s pretty difficult. We as parents, don’t own the image, or any other thing, of our son. We are just he stewards of this estate and his persona. We are just mere custodians of it, until he is old enough to manage for himself. For this very reason all the content on this blog is owned by him —copyrighted— and, in consequence, by his parents until the his legal age comes or he is starting to be old enough to manage that by himself.

We also decided to write mainly in English, although we are thinking to create a mirror of this blog in Spanish1, since we think that Luis Puerto Díaz is a true European. Both his parents are Spanish but he was born in Finland.

Finally, you have to think this is just a work in progress site, and although we thought about this before, it’s still a lot to be thought and decided, and right now we are still overwhelmed by the recent birth.

Soon, more to come.

  1. We really don’t know if we are going to finally be able to do it, since it’s an additional thing to so and right now we are a little bit out of time.